A new reader service for quality publishers

Tailored helps publishers capture the individual shopping needs of their readers, boosting yield per page by 50%.

By adding the Tailored Assistant to pages, our publishers generate:

  1. In-market, 1st party audiences from their lifestyle or shopping editorial (GDPR compliant)
  2. Affiliate sales 
  3. New advertiser revenue

The Tailored Assistant.
A short cut to the right product for each reader.

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The Tailored Assistant shortens the buying journey for consumers, recommending the best product for their individual needs instantly. Consumers are led from 'curious' to 'convinced' in minutes. 3-10% of all your readers will tailor a product to their needs.

You'll capture these valuable 1st party audiences instantly. 

  • Trade them to increase your yield by 50% on average, per page.

  • Receive the affiliate sales and attract new advertisers.

  • Tailored is plug and play (add javascript via ad pixel or header).

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Capture shopping audiences from your lifestyle editorial...


And your shopping editorial:

Multiple native formats help the useful Assistant fit perfectly into any editorial. Users get the right product for their needs, first time.


Users receive personalised recommendations, powered by the entire wisdom of the web (40m reviews, features, prices, images and video analysed daily).

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Advertisers add Tailored to display campaigns to capture leads

Tailored appears wherever inspiration strikes.

  1. Within editorial as native units or web served ads
  2. After video ads, to turn video ads into direct response
  3. After influencers in Snapchat, to capture prospects and leads in social
  4. In branded content, to capture the needs of readers
  We work with all the major networks to attract new advertisers

We work with all the major networks to attract new advertisers


4 new revenue opportunities
= 50% higher yield.

1. A share of the advertising revenue from personalised advertising (1st party audience data).

2. A share of the ecommerce sales.

3. Increased revenue from brand partnerships when Tailored is added to your brand sponsored content.

4. New advertisers sponsor the Sponsored Assistant native ad format.


How we tailor the right product to each users' needs, first time.

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We've organised the entire wisdom of the web.

40m pieces of web insight analysed daily.

350+ advertisers and all their products.

22+ tech product categories and counting.

1m unique product recommendations.


Why users love Tailored.

Two thirds of people hate product search
"How much do you enjoy the process of researching products to buy?"

Source: n1500 online shoppers, Tailored/Google surveys

Product search is boring. 70% of shoppers find it 'tedious' or 'irritating' (Tailored survey, 1500 respondents).

Yet everyone can describe how they'd use a new product, but then waste hours researching the best for their needs.

We know the truth about every product by scrutinising the entire wisdom of the web, daily.

That's every review, feature, benefit, price, delivery deal and more.

“It’s like speed dating for products ;-)”

Happy users delivers longer dwell time.

Tailored offers advertisers the richest brand experience outside of a brand’s own site

5-10mins dwell with the category or sponsor brand, reading content and tailoring products to needs.

Prospects are motivated to solve a decision problem and learn about the category.

20% return to tailor again. 80% would recommend the experience.


Happiness all around.

Happy editors (we’ve seen 4x increase in time spent with editorial).

Happy commercial teams (increased revenue).

Happy readers (did we mention that 80% would recommend Tailored?).

Happy advertisers (precision 1:1 targeting and 5-10mins dwell with their brand).



Learn about GDPR and Tailored's mission to eradicate boring product search...